Fees for Applicants

Jurisprudence e-Learning Module:     $62.40 +HST = $70.51

Application fee:                               $130.00 +HST = $146.90

Payment Processing

  • Do not pay any fee until the Member Management System has generated an invoice. At specific points in the application process, for example when you enroll to take the Jurisprudence e-Learning Module or when you begin an application, the system will generate an invoice showing the full amount owed. Fee payment instructions can be found in your user account, under the “Invoices” tab.
  • Payments for fees must include HST. Any invoice generated by the system will show what the fee is for, along with a total amount owing, which includes both the fee and the HST. Payment of the invoice must be received in full.
  • Before you can access the Jurisprudence e-Learning Module or submit your completed application, fee payments must be processed through the banking system and received by CRPO. This may take up to three business days.

Incomplete/Inadequate Applications and Switching Application Routes

Incomplete applications

If an application is incomplete in any way, the applicant will be informed and asked to provide the missing information as soon as possible. If additional information is not provided, the application will be deemed inactive after 18 months. Should the applicant wish to be considered after that, a new application must be completed and the associated fee paid. At no time in the process will the application fee be refunded as fees paid to CRPO are non-refundable.

Inadequate applications

If an application appears to be complete but in review is deemed to be woefully inadequate, staff may suggest that the applicant withdraw the application and reapply when more qualified. The application fee is not refunded.

Switching application routes

If an applicant wishes to switch application routes (regular route to grandparenting route or vice versa), the applicant must communicate this intention to CRPO in writing. If staff has not commenced review of the application, the fee can be transferred to the new application for the alternate route. If the request to switch routes is made after staff has commenced the review, the application fee is not refundable and another application fee is payable.

Similarly, staff may suggest that an applicant switch application routes if during review the application is deemed ineligible for one route and more suitable for the other. Another application fee is payable.

Fees for Members

The following fees apply once an application has been approved. Please review the Fees page for a complete overview of all possible fees.

Annual registration fee for Registered Psychotherapist (RP):        $572.00 +HST = $646.36

Annual registration fee for Qualifying Member (RP (Qualifying)):   $312.00 +HST = $352.56

*Registration fees are prorated on a monthly basis for new Members.

Fees paid to CRPO are non-refundable.