The Council

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) is governed by a Council of nine elected Members and as many public members as are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council in accordance with section six of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007. The Council and its committees make decisions related to registration requirements, standards of practice, continuing professional development and the professional conduct of Members, along with developing and monitoring regulations, policies and business systems for CRPO. Council’s duties are supported by a number of statutory and non-statutory committees, as well as by CRPO staff.

Although Council meetings are public, most committee meetings are not open to observers. Regular updates regarding the work of committees are posted on this site to inform Members, the public and other stakeholders about their activities and progress.

Current Members

2015-16 Council

Andrew Benedetto, RP (Elected, District 7 – Central) Toronto
Shelley Briscoe-Dimock, RP (Elected, District 3 – East) Ottawa
Carol Cowan-Levine, RP (Elected, District 8 – Ontario) Toronto
Glorie Chimbganda (Elected, District 6 – Central West) Brampton
Mary Kardos Burton (Appointed) Toronto
Shikha Kasal (Appointed) Pickering
Sheldon Kawarsky (Appointed) Vaughn
Barbara Locke Billingsley (Appointed) London
Kenneth Lomp (Elected, District 4 – Central East) Oshawa
Malcolm MacFarlane, RP (Elected, District 2 – North) Lindsay
Pat Rayman, RP (Elected, District 7 – Central) Toronto
Len Rudner (Appointed) Thornhill
Steven Stijacic (Appointed) Mississauga
Kevin VanDerZwet Stafford, RP (Elected, District 1 – West) Guelph
Elected – College Member elected to Council
Appointed – Appointed by Government of Ontario by Order-in-Council
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