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Grandparenting Now Closed

The grandparenting route window closed at 11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2017. On top of all the applications already submitted, since January 1, 2017 we have received over 2,400 grandparenting applications. To all those who successfully submitted a grandparenting application, thank you for your submission – your application is now in the queue for processing.

Due to the significantly large volume of applications undergoing review, there will be an increased timeframe between the application submission date and the start of a review. Staff may contact applicants with questions once the review of their application begins. If you submitted an application, please monitor your CRPO user account or your e-mail inbox regularly for the notifications we send alerting you to a system message, and respond to any questions or requests for additional information as quickly as possible. To facilitate the processing of applications:

  • If a staff member has questions after the first review of the application, they will send a detailed message to the user’s online account addressing the concerns.
  • If more information is required after receiving the response, a staff member will follow-up for a second and final time.
  • If we do not receive a substantive response within three months of the date of the second request for clarification, or the two attempts fail to result in satisfactory information, the application may then be referred to a panel of the Registration Committee for further consideration and possible refusal.

We thank you in advance for your patience while you await the outcome of the review of your application.

Registering With CRPO – FAQs

Working on submitting an application? We’ve got some FAQs you may find helpful.

Registering With CRPO FAQs

Grandparenting Deadline Approaching: Complete Applications Must be Submitted by March 31, 2017

Grandparenting is a time-limited, alternate route to registration which allows current, established practitioners in Canada with appropriate education, training and clinical experience to apply for membership as a Registered Psychotherapist (RP).

All applicants for grandparenting must complete the online application, pay the processing fee (allowing at least three business days for the payment to clear the banking system) and then go back into the Member Management System and be sure to submit the application before 11:59 p.m. on March 31, 2017. Your application status will change from “Open” to “Received” once your application has been successfully submitted to CRPO.

Due to this imminent deadline, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of applications being submitted. This substantial increase in volume means that, while staff are working diligently to process applications, there will likely be an increased timeframe between when an application is received by the CRPO and when staff review of that application begins.

CRPO staff are currently working on first level reviews of applications that were submitted in December 2016. A Registration Assistant may contact you with questions once the review of your application begins. Please monitor your account on the Member Management System for communication about your application and respond to any questions or requests for additional information as quickly as possible.

We recognize the importance of registering qualified applicants as quickly as possible and staff will continue to work carefully and persistently to make sure the application and registration processes are thorough but efficient.

Read more about the grandparenting route

You may also find it helpful to review the information for the regular route for registration to see if that option better suits your education or training and clinical experience.

Read more about the regular route

No grandparenting applications may be submitted after March 31, 2017.

January 19, 2017 Council Highlights

At its meeting on January 19, 2017, Council adopted a series of by-law amendments intended to increase transparency about College Members, approved a policy outlining zero tolerance of sexual abuse and elected Members to the Executive Committee.

Review full Council highlights

Message from the President: CRPO Appoints New Registrar

On behalf of the Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), I am pleased to announce the appointment of Deborah Adams to the position of Registrar.

Deborah comes with a wealth of experience in both the regulatory and administrative health care fields and we feel fortunate to have her eager to lead the team at CRPO. Deborah’s knowledge, skills and leadership will be instrumental as CRPO enters its next strategic phase.

Deborah will begin her duties as Registrar on January 9, 2017. In the interim, please join me in welcoming Deborah to the College.

Carol Cowan-Levine, RP
President, CRPO

November 24, 2016 Council Highlights

At its meeting on November 24, 2016, Council adopted a new Professional Practice Standard, considered matters of Council/committee governance, was presented with information about upcoming changes to professional regulation by Assistant Deputy Minister Denise Cole, and approved the hiring of a new Registrar.

Review full Council highlights

CRPO Career Opportunity for RPs – Part-Time Practice Advisor

CRPO is currently recruiting a part-time Practice Advisor. This is an exciting opportunity for a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) to contribute to the ongoing work of CRPO.

Review the Practice Advisor role description and how to apply for the position.

September 8, 2016 Council Highlights

At its September 8th meeting, Council approved a number of items including a consensus document clarifying the controlled act of psychotherapy, circulation of a series of items for stakeholder consultation and a policy for report information to police as a result of matters referred to the Discipline Committee.

Review full Council highlights

CRPO Registrar Search

CRPO is currently seeking a new Registrar to provide strategic leadership and direction as we enter our next phase as a recognized leader of psychotherapy regulation in Canada.

This unique opportunity will combine collaboration to build on CRPO’s past successes with proactive planning and guiding the future direction of the College.

Review the full Registrar position opportunity

     Automatic Inflation-based Fee Increase

Every three years, CRPO’s fees automatically increase to account for inflation. The current fees were set in September 2013 and increases will take effect on Sept. 18, 2016. The fee increase will be four per cent. Please see the list below for an inclusive look at the revised fees.

Type of Fee
Current Fee
New Fee as of Sept. 18, 2016
Registration (RP) $550.00 +HST $572.00 +HST
Registration (Qualifying) $300.00 +HST $312.00 +HST
Registration (Inactive) $275.00 +HST $286.00 +HST
Jurisprudence e-Learning Module $60.00 +HST $62.40 +HST
Application $125.00 +HST $130.00 +HST
Administrative $30.00 +HST $31.20 +HST
Late Fee $75.00 +HST $78.00 +HST
Registration Category Transfer $75.00 +HST $78.00 +HST
Suspension Removal $150.00 +HST $156.00 +HST
Professional Corporation (Initial) $600.00 +HST $624.00 +HST
Professional Corporation (Renewal) $400.00 +HST $416.00 +HST

Many Registered Psychotherapists have expressed the belief that they pay higher fees than other health professionals in Ontario. The reality, however, is that CRPO’s annual fees are the fifth lowest in Ontario among the 26 regulated health professions. The upcoming increase will not change this. We also have the lowest annual fee of the five new colleges that have been proclaimed in the past few years.

The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, requires all health profession regulators to carry out the same objects and duties. This means that the activities and responsibilities performed by colleges are similar whether the profession has 500 members or 250,000 members. As our membership numbers grow, we may in fact be able to re-examine our fees in the future. Any opportunity to reduce fees will be acted upon. There is a cost to self-regulation which must be entirely covered through Member and applicant fees. We hope this explanation will provide Members and applicants with the information they need to understand the upcoming automatic fee increase.

June 23, 2016 Council Highlights

At its June 23 meeting, Council approved the circulation of two practice standards for stakeholder consultation, adopted a policy on posting the names of non-members using a restricted title, and made further committee appointments.

To view full Council Highlights, click here.

December 11, 2015 Council Highlights

At its first meeting, the newly constituted Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario received an orientation to the role of Council Members and the College, approved the membership of its committees, and conducted elections for Executive Committee.

To view full Council Highlights, click here.

New Council Meets Dec 11th

Public Members Now Appointed

Now that we have confirmation  of six new public Members of Council appointed by the Ontario Government, CRPO`s new Council is ready to roll up its sleeves and get down to business.

Professional Members of Council were elected in October by a vote of the membership. Now we have eight elected and six appointed Council Members, and one vacant seat that will require a by-election in coming months. To review Council Member biographies or brief candidate statements (the latter posted for election purposes), click here. [Note: candidate statements will be replaced with biographies shortly.]

The first meeting of Council will include orientation sessions on CRPO’s past and future activities, and regulatory governance, as well as appointment of committees and committee chairs, and election of the Executive Committee. For more information about the election process for the Executive see CRPO’s By-laws, Schedule 1 (p. 49). An important aspect of this process is that Executive Committee must be composed of three elected Members of Council and two public (appointed) Members.

September 24, 2015 Council Highlights

At the final meeting of the first Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, Council reviewed stakeholder feedback on proposed by-law amendments designed to enhance transparency; reconsidered the posting of Members’ former names on the Public Register; and received an update on Council Elections.

To view full Council Highlights, click here.

Click here to read the President’s Report from the Council meeting.

June 18, 2015 Council Highlights

At its June meeting, Council received updates on work underway to enhance understanding of the controlled act of psychotherapy; to further develop the Quality Assurance Program; and to support Council elections this fall.  Council also approved for stakeholder consultation, proposed by-law amendments designed to increase the transparency of College activities, particularly those related to complaints and discipline matters.  In addition, two non-Council Committee Members were appointed to ICRC.

To view full Council Highlights, click here.

April 24th Council Meeting Highlights

At its April meeting, Council celebrated its first meeting as the Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.  Council approved a policy to support the registration of Indigenous practitioners of psychotherapy, as well as the adoption of the transparency principles previously circulated for stakeholder comment.  Council also discussed directives from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to further define the controlled act of psychotherapy, as well as to prohibit the practice of conversion therapy. Finally, the Registration Committee Chair provided an update on recently approved registration policies.

Click here for full Council Highlights.

January 22nd Council Meeting Highlights

At its January meeting, Council received an update regarding proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007.  The President announced that, following a January meeting with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC), CRPO has requested an April 1st, 2015 proclamation date. Significantly, ministry staff was supportive of this request and is working to try to make it happen. That said, the date is not definite and will not be official until it is formally announced by the ministry. At least one month’s lead time is required between the official announcement and the legislation coming into force. Therefore, CRPO should know by the end of February whether proclamation will happen by April 1st.

Click here for full Council Highlights.

November 27th Council Meeting Highlights

At its November meeting, Council received updates regarding proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007, and registration of Regular Route applicants, i.e. non-grandparenting applicants. In addition, it reviewed a draft letter prepared for Minister of Health and Long-term Care, Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins, regarding CRPO transparency measures; and directed staff to conduct stakeholder consultation on transparency principles developed for health regulators in Ontario.

Click here for full Council Highlights.

September 25th Council Meeting Highlights

At its September meeting, Council received updates regarding proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007 and registration of non-grandparenting applicants, approved changes to the College By-laws, and appointed non-Council Committee members to Registration Committee.

Click here for full Council Highlights.

June 11th Council Meeting Highlights

At its June 11th meeting, Council received news regarding proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act, updates on registration matters, and approved changes to the College By-laws.

Click here for full Council Highlights.

March 19th Council Meeting Highlights

At its March meeting, Council received updates on the start of pre-registration for grandparenting, development of the Registration Regulation and further development of College programs and policies.

Click here for full Council Highlights.

January 15th Council Meeting Highlights

At its January 15th meeting, Council adopted revised Professional Practice Standards incorporating changes resulting from stakeholder consultation.  Once final copy-editing and formatting have been completed, the Standards will be posted online.  Also of note, the Registrar provided an update regarding the likely proclamation date of the Psychotherapy Act, 2007.

Click here for full Council Highlights

Call for Volunteer Committee Members

Recruiting prospective College members to serve on committees

The transitional Council is recruiting prospective members to serve as volunteers on its committees. This is a separate call from the recent notice seeking reviewers of psychotherapy education & training programs. Please read the following information carefully.

The transitional Council, and later the new College, is required to create various committees to oversee its programs. Some committees will be composed, in part, of College members appointed by Council. If you are planning to become a member and would like to contribute to the work of College committees, we encourage you to apply. In particular, we are seeking individuals who have been following the activities of Council, and are familiar with its work.

To apply, kindly complete and submit the application form, along with a cover letter and your résumé. In your letter, please explain why you are interested in serving as a CRPO committee member, and how your background equips you to make a positive contribution.

The application form asks about your committee preferences. A description of each committee is found on the last page of the application. Please note that while your preferences will be considered, the final determination of committee composition will be based on College requirements and each applicant’s skill set.

To be eligible, applicants must have completed the Professional Practice & Jurisprudence e-Learning Module, and must intend to become a member of the College. In addition, they must meet the requirements listed in article 13.14 of the CRPO By-laws. In particular, they must not:

• have had any professional discipline or incapacity findings made against them within the past three years;
• have any ongoing professional discipline or incapacity proceedings against them;
• be a member of the council of any college governed by the RHPA, or of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers; or
• hold any position such as director, board member, officer or employee with a professional association relating to psychotherapy (unless they plan to resign the position prior to appointment to a CRPO committee).

Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted early in 2014, or later in the year depending on committee requirements.

Those selected will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and to adhere to conflict-of-interest protocols. Committee members are remunerated in accordance with the rates established by Health Boards Secretariat for publicly appointed Council and committee members.

Application Form for Volunteers

If you have any questions, please contact Lene Marttinen: or (416) 862-4797.

November 4th Council Meeting Highlights

At its November 4th, 2013 meeting, Council received updates on registration requirements and testing of the online database system, as well as the final report of the Education Framework Task Group.

Click here for full Council Highlights.

Recruiting Reviewers

Recruiting Current & Former Educators & Curriculum Specialists

CRPO is looking for experienced psychotherapy practitioner-educators to train as reviewers of psychotherapy education & training programs, with a view to developing a roster of recognized programs. If you have a background in psychotherapy practice and education, and would like to contribute to this work, we encourage you to submit an application.

The transitional Council, and later the new College, will be responsible for reviewing and recognizing psychotherapy education & training programs to determine whether they adequately support student learning of entry-to-practice competencies in psychotherapy.

Each program will be reviewed by three independent reviewers who are experienced psychotherapy practitioners and understand curriculum development, student learning and competency development. Reviewers will receive training for the role, and will be compensated $400-500 for each review, each of which is expected to involve 8-10 hours of work.

To apply, kindly complete and submit the Application Form, along with your résumé. The Application Form asks for information about your education and experience as a psychotherapy practitioner and educator.

Applicants will be asked whether they have completed the Professional Practice & Jurisprudence e-Learning Module, and if they are planning to become a member of the College. In addition, reviewers should be open to diversity in psychotherapy education, and should possess basic computer proficiency, e.g. completing online forms, working with several documents open at the same time, etc.

Individuals selected for this important role will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, and to adhere to conflict-of-interest protocols. Please note that educators associated with programs expected to seek “Review and Recognition” are not excluded from consideration as reviewers. Such individuals would not be permitted to review their own program or any other program with which they are or have been recently associated. Transitional Council members will not be eligible to become reviewers.

The Review and Recognition process is expected to be managed and administered by an independent arms-length third-party. Training for the first group of reviewers is expected to take place later this fall.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Pioro: or (416) 862-4778.

NOTE: The transitional Council has received a large number of applications and is currently reviewing them.  As of November 28, applications received will not be reviewed at the present time, but will be kept on file for future review as the need arises.

Stakeholder Consultation – Draft Professional Practice Standards

October 3 – November 17, 2013

Jurisprudence e-Learning Module now available

The Professional Practice & Jurisprudence e-Learning Module can now be completed online. The module is intended for prospective members of the new College – successful completion of the module is one of the requirements for registration.

JRP Module

The jurisprudence (JRP) module is a learning program designed for adult learners. It presents information about Ontario law that regulated health professionals need to know in order to practise safely and ethically. The module is divided into 16 ‘lessons’ which can be completed in random order and at different times. Total time to complete the program is approximately four to six hours or possibly longer. Each lesson covers a different topic, with question sets appearing at intervals throughout. Information is presented visually on screen and by voiceover (narrator).
The module can be completed in stages – over several days, weeks or even months. All submitted answers will be saved in the system, and you will be able to resume work on the module at your convenience. Failed question sets can be retried as many times as necessary to successfully completed them. A lock-out period of one hour follows a failed question set, to allow the applicant to review relevant learning material.
Successful completion of the JRP e-Learning Module will be required for registration with the College, and normally is completed prior to submitting an application for registration.
Before starting the
module, prospective members are advised to read the online document, Professional Practice and Jurisprudence for Registered Psychotherapists – it provides all the background information required. For those who read the document first, the module will serve mainly as a review of the material.

Creating a User Account

The first step in completing the JRP module is to create a User Account. Click on: Jurisprudence e-Learning Module now Available. You will be asked to create a User Account by entering a username & password and providing other identifying information (name, address, etc.). Next steps:

  1. select the e-Learning tab
  2. enroll to do the JRP module
  3. pay the  $60 + HST fee (don’t forget the HST or access will be denied)

Note: If you are already on our e-mailing list, this does not mean you already have a User Account; you must click on the link above and create a User Account.

Fee Payment

Fees are paid online by selecting the name of your banking institution and using your Account Number. Each step is explained as you go through the process. You may also pay the e-Learning fee at your bank in person, in which case you’ll need to take with you the invoice that will be generated by the system and the abbreviation used for the College by your financial institution (a list of these will appear after you create an account). Please note that we are not accepting credit cards or cheques.

IMPORTANT: fee transfers from your bank to the College’s bank normally take up to three business days. Once fees are received by the College, you’ll be able to access the JRP e-Learning Module from your User Account, accessed on our website.

Fees paid to CRPO are non-refundable.


Please do not:

  • send cheques
  • send or submit application materials for registration (we are not accepting applications yet)
  • create multiple accounts (this may cause confusion in the registration process). REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME & PASSWORD!

If you encounter difficulties setting up your User Account, paying the fee or accessing the module, please call (416) 862-4801 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., or send an email to:

2012 – 2013 Annual Report

Click to view the transitional Council’s 2012 – 2013 Annual Report

Jurisprudence Document Online

The College is pleased to announce the publication of the document, Professional Practice and Jurisprudence for Registered Psychotherapists (version française). The document discusses the legal, ethical and professional obligations of RPs, and is the basis of the College’s Professional Practice & Jurisprudence e-Learning Module.

September 17th Council Meeting Highlights

At its September 17th, 2013 meeting, Council addressed key matters regarding registration, professional practice and governance of the College.

Click here for full Council Highlights.

June 17th Council Meeting Highlights

Before breaking for the summer, Council addressed significant issues at its June meeting, including: approval of revised By-laws; approval in principle of professional practice standards on Clinical Supervision and Competence; a detailed description of “direct client contact”; and the addition of “structured peer group supervision” to activities recognized as “clinical supervision.”
Click here for full Council Highlights.

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