Practice Advisory Service

CRPO offers a practice advisory service that Registered Psychotherapists (RPs) can connect with in order to discuss matters relating to professional practice, ethics and standards. Members of the public are also welcome to contact the service to learn more about the practice of psychotherapy and professional regulation. By connecting with the practice advisory service, RPs and the public will be provided with helpful information and resources.

The structure of the practice advisory service has recently changed so that RPs can be matched with a Practice Advisor of a related professional background. Our six Practice Advisors are fellow RPs with extensive clinical experience.

RPs and members of the public who have practice-related questions, who are facing ethical conundrums, or who simply want to discuss professional practice, are invited to connect with an Advisor by:



Phone: 416-525-8229

Concerned about a particular Member’s practice?

The practice advisory service is designed to provide information and resources to Members and the public about professional practice. If you have a complaint or concern about a particular Member’s practice, please contact

Limitations of the Practice Advisory Service

The practice advisory service is meant to be an educational resource. Information provided by the College or the College’s Practice Advisors is not intended to replace the advice of a lawyer, expert in professional practice or other appropriately qualified professional. If you have specific concerns about your professional obligations, please consult with a qualified professional.

The College retains records of your communications with the practice advisory service, mainly to ensure the quality of the service and to inform the development of Member resources. The communications will remain confidential and will only be shared if the information in the communications is deemed relevant to a proceeding before a College committee.

Practice Advisory FAQs

The Practice Advisory service also provides information for Members on various topics that emerge as key trends. Many topics are not clear-cut, but it is important to be aware of basic principles and practice standards.

Practising Out-of-Province

Q: I am an RP and I received a request for e-therapy from a person who does not live in Ontario. I am only registered in Ontario. Am I permitted to provide psychotherapy electronically or by phone to someone who does not reside in Ontario? Also, what if I am outside of Ontario and my clients in Ontario would like to continue therapy with me via the telephone or e-therapy, is that ok?


Client is Out-of-Province

With regards to providing psychotherapy to clients outside Ontario, the general rule is that the location of the client is what governs. A Registered Psychotherapist may provide services to clients who reside outside of the province; however, you would need to contact the psychotherapy or counselling regulator in the location (state, province or country) where your client lives to make yourself aware of their regulations, if any. You should also ensure that your professional liability insurance covers you providing telephone or e-therapy to clients outside of province or country.

Client is in Ontario and RP is Out-of-Province

The general rule is that the location of the client governs. If you are an RP with CRPO, you may provide services to clients who reside in Ontario, even if you do not. You should ensure that your professional liability insurance covers you providing tele-therapy to clients outside of province of country. Non-members of CRPO must not use the title “psychotherapist” or hold themselves out as qualified to practice as a psychotherapist in Ontario.

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