Practice Advisory FAQs

CRPO offers a practice advisory service to respond to enquiries about professional practice, ethics and standards. The service provides information and resources to Members and the public to assist with a variety of practice situations.

The Practice Advisor role is staffed by a practising Registered Psychotherapist. The Practice Advisor welcomes your questions and concerns and can be contacted as follows:

Cindy Elkerton, RP


Phone: 416-945-3690

Fax: 416-874-4079

Note: The Practice Advisor does not deal with concerns about the service being offered by a particular Member, complaints or professional misconduct. These should be directed to

The Practice Advisory service will also be providing information for Members on various topics that emerge as key trends. Many topics are not clear-cut, but it is important to be aware of basic principles and practice standards.


Q: I am an RP. I work for an agency and also have a private practice.  What are CRPO’s guidelines for referring a client of the agency to my private practice?

A: CRPO’s Professional Practice Standard 1.9: Referral, states that a Member may “self-refer” a client from one practice to another, in certain circumstances. The key is allowing the client to make an informed choice and not taking advantage of an existing professional relationship in order to secure more business. This standard also provides a description of what a self-referral is, when a self-referral may be made, safeguards to avoid a conflict of interest as well as exceptions.

Some employers may not allow Members to self-refer clients to their private practice. In this case, Members should act in accordance with their employer’s policies; the College generally does not get involved in employer-employee issues.

Please consult Standard 1:9: Referral for additional detail.

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