Registering With CRPO

  1. I’ve created an account but I’m unable to access the application for registration?
    • You cannot access the application until you have paid for and successfully completed the Professional Practice & Jurisprudence e-Learning Module (JRP Module).
    • If you believe have completed the JRP Module but are still unable to access the application, go back and check your results to ensure you answered all 16 question sets and that you received a mark of 65 or higher on each set.
  1. I’ve completed the JRP Module, paid my application invoice and completed the application but I’m unable to submit.
    • You cannot submit your application if the payment hasn’t cleared the banking system – this usually takes at least three business days. Check your “Invoices” tab to ensure you have a balance of $0.
    • If you see that you do not have a balance of $0, check that you didn’t accidentally order the JRP Module a second time. If you find that you did accidentally order the JRP Module twice, contact CRPO as soon as possible so that we can void the second invoice and your payment can be properly applied to your application fee.
    • If you have a balance of $0 owing, go back into the application to ensure you have completed everything required, ticked all boxes, etc.
  1. My application status says “Open”. Has my application been received?
    • Your application status will change from “Open” to “Received” once your application has been successfully submitted to CRPO. If your status says “Open”, you need to go back into the application and hit “Submit”. Refresh the page to check that your status says “Received.”
  1. How long will it take to process my application?
    • Given the volume of applications being received at this time we are not able to respond to questions about when an individual application will be processed – it is, however, likely to take several months. If you have any questions regarding the review process, please visit the Info for Applicants section of our website where you will find information about the stages of review.