What information is included in your Find an RP search?

The following information about each CRPO registrant is posted publicly:

Note: If any of the following categories do not appear on a Registered Psychotherapist’s profile, it means there is no information available.  RPs are responsible for advising CRPO of changes to their profile within 30 days.

  • Basic information, including name, commonly used name, previous names, language of practice (optional) and email address (optional)
  • Business address and practice sites
  • Registration information, including their date of registration and registration category
  • Information about whether or not their practice is limited in some way or has a condition placed on it
  • Information about whether they have been suspended from practice
  • Professional conduct concerns, e.g. disciplinary or remedial action
  • Professional corporations owned
  • Names of other professional regulatory bodies (if any) where the registrant reported current registration/licensure
  • Other information, including matters such as criminal convictions, bail, current offence charges, etc.

Note: An administrative suspension may be noted using language such as “suspended for non-compliance with conditions for membership renewal.” This means the registrant did not pay their annual fee, did not submit the annual renewal form, or both.

What information is not included in your Find an RP search?

We don’t make information about a registrant publicly available if it is not relevant to their standing with CRPO. This includes:

  • home addresses (unless an RP’s home is also where they provide psychotherapy services)
  • job title or credentials of the registrant
  • a registrant’s Quality Assurance information
  • information that is obsolete, or if disclosure of the information may jeopardize the safety of an individual

CRPO periodically reviews its By-laws regarding what is publicly posted. CRPO will conduct public consultations before any changes are made.

Note: CRPO endeavours to update the Public Register within a reasonable period of time; however, a delay may occur before updated information is published online. While the College aims to ensure that the information posted on the Public Register is correct, CRPO does not represent, warrant or guarantee its accuracy, and accepts no liability or obligation relating thereto.

Why Can’t I Find a Profile for a Specific Registered Psychotherapist?

When applying for registration, applicants are asked if they want their languages of practice to be posted on the public register. If the member indicated they do not want their languages posted, they will not appear in a search result if a language is selected from the drop-down menu.

If a member’s name includes accents, their profile will only appear in a search result if a partial name search is conducted (i.e. searching Ren instead of Renée) or if the full name is searched with correct accents.

Hyphenated Names
If a member’s name is hyphenated, their profile will not appear if only searched by the second part of the hyphenated name. If you don’t find the RP you are looking for, try searching with just the first of the two names.

Not Practicing
If a member is not currently practicing, their profile will not appear if a city, province, or postal code is included in the search for a member on the public register.

Home Address
Unless a member practices out of their home, their profile will not appear if the home address details are included in the search for a member on the public register.

Unreported Practice Sites
While all practice sites should be reported to CRPO for publication on the public register, a member’s profile will not appear if address details for an unreported site are included in the search for a member on the public register.

If your computer autofills address information, delete the autofilled details before conducting a public register search.