CRPO has developed a list of activities that are deemed to be outside the controlled act of psychotherapy. Registered Psychotherapists may do some of these activities as an ancillary activity within the scope of their psychotherapy practices, but providing only the services below would not constitute the controlled act. These activities include, but are not limited to:

Applied Behavioural Analysis
Case management
Clinical follow-up/care and discharge planning
Parental coordination
Counselling and support, including advising/advice-giving, instruction, assisting in resolution of dilemmas, assisting in improvement of coping strategies

Crisis intervention/management, including de-escalation, safety planning, referral to other services
Hypnotherapy, including smoking cessation
Information/advice and knowledge transfer
Intake and referral
Milieu therapy/milieu-based interventions
Problem solving, including information and advice giving, 12 step program, social skill development, instruction, emotional regulation

Psychometric testing or assessment
Rehabilitation, including helping an individual to deal with the physical symptoms of a medical illness, resuming activities of daily life, learning or relearning skills that assist in carrying out the activities of daily life
Single session counselling
Spiritual or faith guidance/counselling
Teaching, including social skill development, emotion regulation, prescriptive programs