September 25, 2018

CRPO is in search of clinical supervisors who are willing to provide College mandated supervision to Registered Psychotherapists in situations where supervision has been ordered by a panel of the Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports Committee (ICRC) or the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC). Typically, a panel orders clinical supervision when it has been determined that a member has not met a standard of practice.

This is a unique opportunity for those involved in or interested in leadership and professional development. This role will help deepen your understanding of regulatory practices. You will gain new insight into the Professional Practice Standards and how they can be applied in diverse practice settings. If selected, your name would be added to a roster and the College would contact you as needed.

Job Description

The clinical supervisor must be able to:

  • Establish the parameters of supervision based on guidelines of areas of focus that have been provided by the College.
  • Assess current knowledge, skill and judgment of the supervisee, evaluating their learning needs and modifying supervision methods or intensity as required.
  • Take action to ensure client safety when necessary.
  • Provide formative feedback to the supervisee in a constructive manner. to
  • Provide progress reports using tools/resources supplied by CRPO.

Anyone holding the position of clinical supervisor will:

  • Maintain confidentiality;
  • Keep abreast of changes to legislation and standards of the profession;
  • Maintain good standing with CRPO; and
  • Meet the experience and qualifications listed in the next section.

Experience and Qualifications

Prospective clinical supervisors must:

  1. Be a member in good standing of a regulatory college whose members may practise psychotherapy;
  2. Have five years’ extensive clinical experience;
  3. Meet CRPO’s “independent practice” requirement (completion of 1000 direct client contact hours and 150 hours of clinical supervision);
  4. Have completed 30 hours of directed learning in providing clinical supervision. Directed learning can include course work, supervised practice as a clinical supervisor, individual/peer/group learning, and independent study that includes structured readings;
  5. Provide a signed declaration that they understand CRPO’s definitions of clinical supervision, clinical supervisor, and the scope of practice of psychotherapy; and
  6. Have no prior history with CRPO or another Regulatory Body resulting in a decision of the ICRC, the Executive Committee, the Fitness to Practice Committee or the Discipline Committee other than a decision to take no action.

The College is interested in either French or English speaking candidates.


Clinical supervisors will be paid directly by the supervisee at the agreed upon rate. CRPO is not involved in the financial agreement or transactions.

Interested applicants should submit their resume/CV to