Programs granted clinical experience (CE) recognition on top of academic recognition have demonstrated that clinical experience hours obtained in the program meet CRPO’s requirements and develop students’ competence in psychotherapy. All hours successfully completed through a CE-recognized program will be accepted toward meeting CRPO registration requirements. Programs will report completed hours directly to CRPO on their students’ behalf. The Registration Committee has granted clinical experience recognition to the following programs:



Adler Graduate Professional School Inc. (Toronto)
Master of Psychology
Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy
Art Psychotherapy Diploma
Gestalt Institute of Toronto
Diploma, Five-Year Training Program in Gestalt Psychotherapy
Martin Luther University College (formerly Waterloo Lutheran Seminary), Wilfrid Laurier University
Master of Arts in Theology – Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy
Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts
Analyst Training Program
Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program
Diploma in Psychotherapy with focus on Psychodynamic Therapy
Saint Paul University
Master of Arts in Counselling and Spirituality
Toronto Art Therapy Institute
Graduate Level Diploma in Art Therapy
Toronto Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy
Diploma, Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy
Tyndale University
Master of Arts in Clinical Counselling
Tyndale University College and Seminary
Master of Divinity – Counselling Major – Clinical Stream
University of Guelph
Master in Psychotherapy
University of Guelph
Master in Relational and Family Therapy (formerly M.Sc. Couple and Family Therapy Program)
Western University
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
Yorkville University
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Students from these programs no longer need to submit individual confirmation forms to report practicum, clinic, or student practice hours completed on or after April 1, 2018. Students should contact their program to request that they report the total number of practicum hours (direct client contact and clinical supervision) to CRPO.

Students from non-recognized programs and registrants updating CE hours after graduation will still need to submit detailed confirmation forms.

Instructions for Reporting Hours

  1. Once you have finished your clinical experience hours with the program, contact your school to request that they report hours to CRPO.

Note: you should only request this if you have already created an account with CRPO. If you have not yet created an account, CRPO will not be able to process the hours.

  1. Program staff will send confirmation of the total hours to CRPO.
  2. The hours will be added to your account shortly.
  3. Once the hours are added, you will be able to see the hours in your CRPO account.

Note: if your application is in-progress, you will not be able to see any hours until your application is approved.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my program on the list?

Only programs who have been granted academic recognition can apply for CE recognition. If you completed a non-recognized program, it is not eligible for CE recognition.

If your program is recognized, they may have chosen not to apply for CE recognition or their CE recognition application may have been refused. Please contact your program directly for more information.

I asked my program to report hours to CRPO. Why don’t I see them in my account?

  • The program may not have reported the hours to CRPO yet.
  • CRPO may be processing the hours currently.
  • If your application has not yet been approved, you won’t be able to see the hours even if they’ve been processed. You’ll need to wait until your registration is finalized in order to see the hours.

I’m halfway through my practicum placement. Can I report the hours I have to date?

No. Please wait until you have finished your practicum placement(s) to report hours.

I graduated several years ago. Can I still use this process?

No. This process can only be used for hours completed on or after April 1, 2018, because the requirements for hours were different prior to that date. If you need to report hours completed prior to April 1, 2018, please follow the instructions here.

Does CE recognition ever expire?

Programs are required to renew their CE recognition when they renew their academic recognition every five years. If they do not successfully renew their recognition, this will be noted next to the program name. If there is no note and the program is listed on this page, it is still recognized.