October 19, 2018

As stakeholders are aware, CRPO carried out consultations with members and stakeholders on a regulation- related controlled act of psychotherapy this summer. On June 29, we submitted to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care a finalized proposed regulation and suite of resource documents, which we circulated during these stakeholder consultations.

Since that time, we have worked with the government to consider the work regarding necessary next steps to support the implementation over the transition period that was built in to the proclamation of the controlled act. The Ministry and its partner ministries will be leading the effort to reach out to sector partners and stakeholders to and provide needed information; CRPO will continue to participate in the process as part of the government’s advisory committee.

We want to thank every stakeholder who submitted comments, answered surveys, wrote letters and provided feedback regarding the proposed regulation and resource documents. Your input made the thinking sharper and the documents stronger, through many rounds of revisions. We are grateful for your insights.

The full suite of documents is available here; individual documents are broken out here.