Current Elections

The 2024 CRPO Council Election cycle concluded on May 31. We are pleased to share that Kayleen Edwards has been elected to Council as a professional member in District 5 (South West).

Thank you to the voters and candidates for participating in the election process this year. The next election cycle will begin in March 2025.

Election FAQs

By participating in the election of Council members, either as a candidate or through voting, every CRPO registrant has an opportunity to influence the future of the practise and regulation of psychotherapists in Ontario.

We are hosting two election webinars in April: one to provide general information about the elections, the role of Council and legislation, and a second to focus on elections and diversity.

Read on to view answers to questions we often receive about elections. If you still have questions, email them to and register for a webinar.



What is CRPO Council?

Council is the governing body of the CRPO and is composed of

  • at least six and no more than nine elected members of the College from regions across the province
  • at least five and no more than eight public members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council

The Council governs the profession in the public interest, striving to ensure that professional practice standards, including the professional conduct of CRPO registrants, are maintained and enhanced; and that registrants are supported in their continuing professional development.

Who can run for election?

This year, the CRPO is seeking RPs who practice in the following electoral districts to fill three positions on Council:

  • District 1 (West) – composed of Brantford, Chatham, Waterloo and surrounding counties (1 position)
  • District 5 (South West) – composed of Hamilton, Halton and Niagara (1 position)
  • District 6 (Central West) – composed of Region of Peel (1 position)

RPs in good standing who meet the eligibility requirements detailed in the by-laws may stand for election. A comprehensive eligibility checklist is provided in the Candidate Nomination Package.

We encourage RPs who enhance the College’s diversity of identities and lived experience (e.g., diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, perspectives and experiences) to run for election.

Relevant Documents:


District Maps

How can I learn more about Council elections and the role of CRPO?

We are hosting two information sessions via webinar for RPs interested in running for election or learning about the election process.

The first session takes place on Friday, April 5 from 12:00-1:00 hosted by CRPO staff and two professional Council members. Information will be provided on the election process, governance roles and Council member time commitment.

Register here for the Council Elections webinar and info session.

A second webinar will be hosted on Monday, April 15 from 12:00-1:00 hosted by CRPO staff and two professional Council members to discuss elections with a focus on diversity.

Register here for the Council Elections & Diversity webinar.

I am interested in running for election - how do I run?

  1. Download and save the Candidate Nomination Package to your computer.
  2. Review and complete all sections of the nomination package. The package has six sections, including the requirement to complete pre-candidacy modules, a competency assessment and a brief questionnaire.
  3. Email the completed Candidate Nomination Package to before the May 1 at 12:00 noon EST deadline. Staff will contact you to confirm your nomination.

Relevant Documents:
Candidate Nomination Package

Pre-Candidacy Modules (PDF)

Pre-candidacy modules (video)

Should you require accommodations to complete the nomination package, please contact  

What are Council competencies?

The Council competencies are the attributes and skills that make a strong Council member and a strong Council.

Some of the defined competencies include an understanding of governance, finance, risk management, and others.

RPs seeking election are required to complete a competency assessment as part of their nomination.

Relevant documents: Council Competency Matrix.

How much time will I have to commit if I am elected to Council?

Council meets 4-6 times a year for full-day meetings and education sessions. About half of the Council meetings are held in person at the CRPO office in Toronto and the other half are held via Zoom. Preparation time associated with Council meetings is also expected.

Additionally, Council members are appointed to serve on 2-3 committees. Committee meetings (including panels) are held virtually throughout the year with frequency depending on committee workload. RPs seeking election should consider the time commitment involved and are encouraged to discuss with their employer.

Relevant documents: Council and Committee Time Commitment 

Are Council members compensated?

Council members are compensated for their time attending and preparing for meetings, using the Remuneration of Council and Committee members policy.

Relevant documents: Remuneration of Council and Committee members policy

If elected, when do I take office?

The term of office of a newly elected member of Council begins immediately after the election, and continues for approximately three years.

How do I vote?

To vote in CRPO elections, you must meet the criteria defined in the by-laws, including the requirement to primarily practice the profession (or, if not practicing, primarily residing) in one of the following electoral districts:  

  • District 1 (West) – composed of Brantford, Chatham, Waterloo and surrounding counties (1 position) 
  • District 5 (South West) – composed of Hamilton, Halton and Niagara (1 position) 
  • District 6 (Central West) – composed of Region of Peel (1 position) 

Elections are conducted entirely online using Simply Voting election software. Eligible voters will receive a unique ballot at the email address associated with their CRPO account.  

Questions? Contact  

How often are elections held?

Elections are held annually in May or June on a three-year cycle, as follows:

District Election Years
1 (west) 2024 2027 2030
2 (north) 2026 2029 2032
3 (east) 2026 2029 2032
4 (central east) 2026 2029 2032
5 (south west) 2024 2027 2030
6 (central west) 2024 2027 2030
7 (central) 2025 2028 2031
7 (central) 2025 2028 2031
8 (Ontario) 2025 2028 2031

Note: Districts 1-6 and District 8 (Ontario) elect one (1) member per district. District 7 (Central) elects two (2) members.