CRPO Fee Adjustment Goes Into Effect

By July 6, 2018News

June 28, 2018

Effective immediately, fee adjustments go into effect for CRPO members and applicants. Specifically, CRPO members and applicants will see the following reflected in the relevant invoice (note HST applies to all fees):

  • The fee to create an online account and taking the required jurisprudence learning module is $145
  • The application fee is $160
  • The registration and annual renewal fee for RPs and RP (temporary) is $589. The registration renewal fee for Inactive is $295. The registration and renewal fee for RP (Qualifying) is $321.

For members who do not meet the obligations of membership, the following charges will be levied:

  • The penalty fee for the late renewal of a certificate of registration is $150.
  • The fee for each letter after the first one reminding the Member of an obligation that has not been performed is $54.
  • The fee for a person applying to the Registrar to lift a suspension or reinstating a revoked certificate is $350.
  • The fee to transfer from the Qualifying or Inactive classes of registration to the Registered Psychotherapist class of registration is $80 .
  • The fee for requiring a recount in an election is $214.

Additionally, the fee for reviewing an applicant’s education and training from an unrecognized program is $100.

For a complete summary, see our fees page.

Members and applicants can expect that a fee adjustment will occur every two years to adjust for inflation.

CRPO registration fees are the lowest of the five newly proclaimed colleges and among the lowest of all of the health regulatory colleges in the province. This is despite the fact that our membership is still in its growth stage. It is important to note that larger, more established colleges benefit from economies of scale that CRPO does not yet have. We have made careful investments in technology and efficient operations in order to fulfil its mandate and operate in a way that provides excellent service to both the public and its members, but that maintains fees that are demonstrably lower than other regulatory bodies.

Membership fees are the college’s only source of income and they must provide the financial means to develop and manage all of the CRPO programs required by the RHPA. Decisions around revenue are made after careful deliberation and in consideration of the College’s responsibilities, which include developing a Quality Assurance Program; addressing unregulated practice; handling complaints, reports and discipline; and maintaining adequate reserves for victims of sexual abuse by RPs.

Regardless of whether an RP works full-time or part-time, the work of the College in relation to each member is the same: to protect the public interest. A complaint of abuse at the hands of an RP, for example, takes investigatory and disciplinary resources to process; the volume of clients that RP has does not influence CRPO’s obligations.

CRPO’s Council is both mandated and committed to the quality of the administration and management, including the financial management, of the College. We continually look for cost-saving opportunities. This includes not using credit card payments for member renewals due to the extremely high fees associated with credit card transactions. If you have questions about the CRPO budgeting process, you may direct them to