As of June 28, 2018, CRPO’s fees are as follows:

  • Administrative (e.g. letter of standing, etc.):* $32.00 +HST
  • Application: $160.00 +HST
  • Election Recount: $214.00 +HST
  • Jurisprudence e-Learning Module: $145 +HST
  • Late Registration Renewal: $150.00 +HST
  • Letter after first one reminding Member of obligation not performed: $54.00 +HST
  • Lifting a Suspension: $350.00 +HST
  • Mapping Tool Review: $100.00 +HST
  • Professional Corporation (Initial): $624.00 +HST
  • Professional Corporation (Late Renewal Notice): $50.00 +HST
  • Professional Corporation (Renewal): $416.00 +HST
  • Registered Psychotherapist Registration or Renewal: $589.00 +HST
  • Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) Registration or Renewal: $321.00 +HST
  • Registered Psychotherapist (Inactive) Renewal: $295.00 +HST
  • Registration (Temporary) Registration: $589.00 +HST
  • Registration Category Transfer: $80.00 +HST
  • Registration Examination:** $545.00 +HST

Fees must be paid by Visa or MasterCard directly through your user account. The alternative for individuals without credit cards is a prepaid credit card.

Fees paid to CRPO are non-refundable. 

NOTE: CRPO’s by-laws set out that fee increases occur every two years for inflation. CRPO’s fees were scheduled to increase in June 2020 and then in June 2022. Due to the pandemic, CRPO did not increase fees on either of these two periods. The fees will increase in June 2024.

The fee applies to both electronic and hard copy versions of a letter of good standing. 

** The fee to write the Registration Examination is set by and paid directly to COMPASS, the third-party organization that developed and administers the exam.