December 7, 2019

CRPO is aware that barriers to access to care with RPs exist across the province for a variety of reasons. When considered in relation to ability to receive needed mental health services, the importance of the psychotherapeutic relationship and the benefits of continuity of care, these barriers constitute a risk of harm to the public.

For context, specific barriers include that RPs:

  • are not on the approved list of providers to complete referral letters for gender affirmation surgery;
  • cannot sign Ontario Disability Support Program applications;
  • are not included in the list of regulated providers in the Financial Services Commission of Ontario’s Professional Services Guideline for care related to motor vehicle accidents;
  • are required to bill HST on their services.

CRPO has been asked to engage in these issues – as well as issues that relate to fees and compensation – through requests from associations and from individual members. However, as a regulatory college, it would not be appropriate for CRPO to take a position supporting how much or how members are compensated and so staff has been appropriately vigilant about maintaining the regulatory mandate as a focus in their responses.

As the body charged with the public protection, CRPO has now formally taken a position with regards to barriers to access to care provided by RPs. Our position statement is within our mandate: it supports the recognition of the RP title, affirms CRPO’s efficacy in protecting the public and acknowledges the role that members play in the provision of mental health services in Ontario.

Read the position statement here.