CRPO Releases 2020 – 2023 Strategic Plan

By November 25, 2019February 25th, 2020News

November 25, 2019

Leading up to and in the four years following proclamation, CRPO has focused on developing infrastructure, processes, foundational standards and relationships with the public, registrants and key stakeholders such as government and other regulatory colleges. Over that time, CRPO has experienced unanticipated growth, now comprising more than 7000 registrants.

Working to meet its mandate of public protection as defined by the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA), while fostering accountability and quality among the diverse clinicians registering as psychotherapists, CRPO is at a point where the key foundations are firmly in place. In this context, Council came together in September 2019 to craft a strategy for the next three years.

The purpose of the retreat was to create a vision and plan that would allow CRPO to solidify its accomplishments and identify and focus on key priorities. In preparation, the Council reflected on the needs of registrants and the public, statutory requirements, insights from its recent governance review, and the provincial environment for mental health, psychotherapy and regulatory colleges.

Some of the most significant environmental conditions and needs include:

  • Ongoing pressures in the mental health system related to access, affordability, timeliness, regional and cultural inequities
  • Registrant need for support and education on professional standards and requirements for registration
  • Upcoming possible shifts to the legislative scaffolding and the introduction of mandatory performance frameworks as part of the government’s modernizing of the health workforce/regulation (i.e., a shift to outcome and risk-based expectations)
  • CRPO’s adoption of a right touch, risk-based approach to regulation
  • A desire to ensure excellence in the work of standards development and enforcement

With consideration of this context, Council members explored the overarching question: “how do we best fulfill our role as a regulator with continued attention to serving the public interest?”

The result is Excellence, Trustworthiness and Accessibility: High-Level Three-Year Strategy, CRPO’s new strategic plan. It outlines four strategic priorities for the organization for the period 2020 – 2023. Stakeholders are invited to read the strategic plan here.