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FAQ on CRPO’s User Management System

By February 4, 2021March 1st, 2023News

February 4, 2021

La version francaise est ici.


I successfully logged in with the temporary password and I am at the step to set a new password. The system indicates my password meets the requirements but I am receiving an error message and cannot proceed. What do I do?

The issue could be caused by security features on your computer. If you are at work, try resetting at home. You could also try using a different device (e.g. phone). Another option is to try a different internet browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome). If you continue to receive an error message, send a screenshot to

I entered the incorrect password or security question too many times and now I am locked out. What do I do?

Please try clicking “Forgot password” to reset your password and security questions.


I had an account in the previous system. How do I login?

If you had an account in our previous system, the first time you login to the new system you must follow the steps here.

If you are an applicant with an open application or an application that is submitted and under review by CRPO, you must login to the Applicant portal.

If you are a RP, RP (Qualifying), RP (Inactive), suspended or revoked, you must login to the Registrant portal.

If you are trying to login to the incorrect portal, you will receive an error message.

I have my temporary password and I am trying to login to the correct portal, but I am receiving an error message. What do I do?

If you have an autofill function on your browser, it may be entering your old login information. Please try typing out your email and password.

If you clicked “Reset Password” multiple times, you would have received multiple temporary password emails. These emails will have different passwords, so if you try using an old temporary password, it will no longer work. If you received multiple temporary password emails, please use the most recent temporary password that was issued.

If you continue to encounter errors, it is possible you had created two accounts in the previous system with the same email address. Please contact CRPO at and we will correct the issue.

I have not received my temporary password. What do I do?

There could be a couple of possible reasons you are not receiving the temporary password email.

  • If you are using a Gmail account, it is possible that the email is getting filtered into another folder, such as ‘Important’, ‘Social’ or ‘Promotions’. Please check these folders to see if the temporary password email was sent there.
  • Try searching for “CRPO” in your inbox. If the email was filtered to another folder outside of your inbox, this could be a quick way to find it.
  • Your email has security features in place that is preventing the temporary password from reaching your inbox. Confirm you have indicated all emails from “” are “safe senders” or “trusted senders.”
  • You are using an email address that does not match the one CRPO has on file. Contact CRPO at if you aren’t sure you are using the right email.


I am a new applicant, and I did not have an account in the previous system. How do I create my account?

Click on the Applicant portal. Then click “New User? Apply Now” to create your CRPO account.


Where are my documents?

Applicants and registrants no longer have access to submitted documents. CRPO staff have access to documents that were submitted in the Documents tab in the previous system.

Where is the messaging function?

There is no messaging function in the new system. You can contact CRPO by email or phone. See the Contact Us page for the various department emails and extension.

Where is my QA portal?

The QA portal is not available in the new system. Registrants were notified in a communique and website posts.


I completed my self-assessment in my previous account. Why am I being asked to do it now?

You are not required to complete it until your next reporting cycle for QA if you registered more than 60 days ago. The wording has been updated. “All new registrants must complete a self-assessment within 60 days of initial registration. All registrants must complete a self-assessment during their reporting cycle, every two years.”

I completed HPDB in my previous account. Why am I being asked to do it now?

Please complete the HPDB questions in both the “HPDB” page in your account and in the “Practice information” page. In the “Practice information” page, please click “Edit” on each current practice site to add your responses to the HPDB questions specific to practice sites.

Completing HPDB questions should only take a few minutes. Select the most applicable response to each question.



I am an applicant with an open application. Where are my hours?

Reporting direct client contact and clinical supervision is no longer part of the application process. Hours that you submitted in previous system will be accessible in the “Practice information” page in the Registrant portal if your application is approved. Please note you will have to request review of the hours after your application is approved.

I am a registrant. Where do I find information about my direct client contact and clinical supervision hours?

Go to the “Practice information” page in your account.

Note: At least one practice site must be added for you to see your hours.

Why are some of my hours Not Accepted?

Hours that were accepted in the previous system will have a status of “Accepted”. All other hours transferred from the previous system will have a status of “Not Accepted”. There are several reasons why hours may not be accepted. For example:

  • The hours do not meet CRPO’s definitions for direct client contact, clinical supervision, clinical supervisor, and/or scope of practice.
  • Staff contacted the employer or supervisor, and they did not support the hours.
  • Staff contacted the applicant/registrant for more information, and it was either not received or did not support the hours meet the requirements.
  • The hours were not supported by documentation that meets CRPO’s requirements.
  • The hours were double counted in the education and practice information section so staff would have accepted in only one section.
  • The hours were not needed for independent practice because the maximum countable hours were already reached.
  • The maximum countable group supervision has already been accepted.
  • For more recent applications, the hours may not have been reviewed by staff yet. Please request review in your account.

Why are my group supervision hours in the wrong category?

In the previous system, there was only one category for group supervision. CRPO staff manually accepted up to 30 group hours with 9-12 supervisees. When the entries were transferred over to the new system, they were all transferred over to the category for 3-8 supervisees. Again, this is because there was no way to differentiate large versus small group supervision with the data transfer. The next time you update your hours and request review, staff will ensure your group hours are in the correct category.

Why do I not have independent practice?

If you do not have independent practice in the new system, it means you did not have independent practice in the old system. Your public register profile in the old system would have noted this at the bottom of your profile if you did not meet independent practice. In the new system, there is a status for every registration category, and it is noted at the top of your public register profile.

If you do not meet independent practice, it means either:

  1. You did not report enough hours on your initial application and have not updated your hours since approval; or
  2. You did report enough hours on your initial application but not all of the hours met the requirements.

NOTE: Reporting currency at renewal or professional development for QA is not counted towards independent practice. Registration staff do not have access to information or documentation submitted to QA.

Grandparenting applicants could report supervision hours in the category for “Other (team meetings, case conferences, etc.)” towards meeting minimum registration requirements to register. These hours did not count towards clinical supervision hours for independent practice. For this reason, these hours were not transferred over to the new system.

Information about the independent practice requirement has been available in the following places:

Grandparented registrants who believe they meet the independent practice requirement can follow this process to update their hours.

Registrants who applied via the regular route should see this page for instructions on submitting confirmation of hours for review.

For both grandparenting and regular route, there are maximum countable hours for group supervision. See the Supervision page for more information

How do I update my hours?

Grandparented registrants who believe they meet the independent practice requirement can follow this process to update their hours.

For all other registrants, please see either the RP (Qualifying) or Independent Practice page of CRPO’s website for instructions on how to report hours and request review in your CRPO account.

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