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Updated: Guidance for Return to In-Person Practice

By May 14, 2020April 23rd, 2021News

Updated May 27, 2020; originally posted May 14, 2020

The following is updated guidance for registrants who are preparing to return to in-person practice. The updates are based on the COVID-19 Operational Requirements: Health Sector Restart issued by the Ministry of Health (French versions of Ministry documents will be posted when available from government).

Registrants are encouraged to consult the following:

Assessing Necessity of In-Person Practice and Risk Transmission in Your Setting

Developing a Return to In-Person Practice Plan

This guidance will assist registrants in assessing risk of spreading COVID-19 within their practice setting and developing a return to work plan that responds proportionally to the risks that are identified in their practice setting. Registrants who work in a structured setting, such as a hospital, long-term care facility or publicly funded agency will likely find that their employer has already developed and implemented protocols to prevent the spread of infection. The Government of Ontario has also developed a number of setting specific resources, available here.

COVID-19 is spread through contact with droplets released by an infected person. Helpful information about COVID-19 and its transmission can be found in this resources developed by the Government of Canada.

Currently, the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to engage in physical distancing as much as possible by:

  • Reducing a person’s total number of contacts
  • Reducing the intensity of their contacts (e.g. by reducing duration and proximity)

Community transmission of COVID-19 continues, and so measures to prevent and control the spread of infection must also continue. CRPO registrants who choose to provide in-person services with clients may only do so if they employ appropriate infection prevention and control (IPAC) precautions.

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