Registered Psychotherapists will not be permitted to practice independently, i.e. without clinical supervision, until they have completed 1,000 direct client contact (DCC) hours and 150 hours of clinical supervision over the course of their professional careers. For supervision, at least half of the required hours must be completed in an individual/dyadic format. Please visit the Supervision page for more information about supervisor qualifications and supervision requirements.

This limitation applies to all registrants and will remain in effect until the registrant satisfies the College that they have completed the required hours. A RP’s eligibility for independent practice can be confirmed by looking at their status on the Public Register. Registrants who do not meet the independent practice requirements must ensure that they continue to practise with ongoing clinical supervision as this is a Term, Condition and Limitation (TCL) on their Certificate of Registration. Registrants must adhere to all TCLs associated with their Certificate of Registration. A breach of TCLs could result in disciplinary action by the College.

The number of accepted clinical experience hours on file can be found on the “Practice information” page of your user account. You will find a table for DCC hours and clinical supervision hours, and at the bottom of the page, you will find an Hours Summary table outlining the number of submitted hours, countable hours, and accepted hours.

For instructions on how to update your hours, please see the Updating Clinical Experience Hours page.