Insurance Audits are Beginning. Are You Ready?

By April 16, 2018News

Starting in May, CRPO will begin conducting audits of members’ professional liability insurance (PLI).

Any member who is audited during this process will be asked to provide proof of insurance for all current practice sites (generally a copy of their insurance certificate or a letter from their employer), which must include the following information:

  • policy number;
  • name of the insured that matches the name of the member;*
  • address of the insured;
  • policy period; and
  • coverage details.

Members who are found to have inadequate, lapsed or no insurance may have their CRPO membership suspended or be faced with disciplinary action.

Members are responsible for determining whether their coverage meets the requirements CRPO has of all members.

* There may be instances of members whose insurance is covered by employers, and are therefore not able to produce a certificate with the member’s name on it. In this instance, the letter from the employer must indicate that the member is indeed covered by the policy being cited.