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Late Requests to Write Registration Exam

By September 6, 2023News

With each exam sitting, CRPO receives a high volume of emails from registrants who missed the deadline and are enquiring about exceptions to sign up for the exam late. A significant amount of time and resources are required to coordinate an exam sitting. As such, the deadline for CRPO to receive a final transcript/credential assessment and for a registrant to confirm intent to write is approximately 10 weeks prior to the exam date and CRPO is unable to extend the deadline for any reason, including exceptional circumstances.

The Registration Exam is offered twice a year – in the spring and fall – and upcoming exam dates are posted on the Registration Exam page. A website post is added for each exam sitting to notify registrants of the upcoming exam sitting and when to expect to receive communication from CRPO to confirm their intent to write the exam.

The Registration Regulation requires RP (Qualifying) registrants to make their first attempt at the Registration Exam within 24 months of the date that they submitted an application to CRPO. Registrants are reminded of this requirement in:

Please note the first exam attempt deadline is not based on the registration date and does not change based on the date a registrant graduates.

The email reminders sent to registrants with a first attempt deadline include information and a deadline to submit an examination extension request. The Examination Extension Policy provides the criteria against which a request will be considered by the Examination Committee in extenuating circumstances.

To be eligible to sign up for the Registration Exam, CRPO must have received a registrant’s final transcript/credential assessment confirming the degree/diploma has been successfully completed. Registrants are reminded of this in the communication and website posts noted above, in the Supporting Documents Checklist, and in the Transfer to RP progress page of their CRPO account.

Registrants need to be mindful of their first exam attempt deadline and are advised to plan ahead, knowing the date of last chance to make a first attempt. For example, if a registrant’s first exam attempt deadline is in February, the last exam offered prior will be the fall exam sitting. Again, registrants can check the Registration Exam page to confirm upcoming exam dates. Typically, registrants have at least two to three exam sittings after registering with CRPO in which to make a first attempt at the Registration Exam prior to their deadline.

CRPO communication is sent to the email address reported by a registrant in their CRPO account. Registrants can update their email address at any time. It is a registrant’s responsibility to ensure emails from CRPO are not going to their junk folder and that the email address reported is regularly checked. It is also a registrant’s responsibility to open and read emails from CRPO.

If a registrant does not make an attempt at the Registration Exam within their first attempt deadline, they risk the expiry of their certificate of registration. Expiry means the individual is no longer registered with CRPO and cannot use the protected title, hold out as a practitioner of psychotherapy, or perform the controlled act of psychotherapy. The expiry is reflected on the public register. No fees are refunded when a registrant expires. Once expired, an individual can re-apply to CRPO. The individual must meet the registration requirements at the time they re-apply (e.g., currency) and pay all applicable application fees. They must also be mindful that the processing time for an application can vary depending on the volume of applications in the queue and if further review by a panel of the Registration Committee is required if registration requirements are not clearly met. Registrants are urged to be mindful of this and consider how expiry and re-application could impact their employment and the continuity of care provided to clients.

Questions about the RP (Qualifying) requirements can be sent to

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