If the program you have completed or substantially completed is not a CRPO recognized/accepted program, then you must select the non-recognized program application type and fill out the Mapping Tool to demonstrate your education is substantially equivalent to a recognized program. Non-recognized programs must meet the Program Definition Policy.

In order to satisfy the education requirement for registration, applicants must demonstrate that they have completed formal, structured, graduate-level coursework that developed their understanding of each competency. Professional experience cannot be substituted for formal training in meeting the education requirement for registration.

Other education and training that is not part of a coherent psychotherapy program must have admission criteria and an evaluative or certification component in order to be accepted by CRPO. Professional development workshops or seminars lacking an evaluative component will not be accepted.

If you apply with training from a non-recognized program and staff is uncertain whether you have completed training that meets the registration requirements, your application would be referred to a panel of the Registration Committee for further review. As part of the panel process, you would receive a copy of staff’s detailed evaluation and would have the opportunity to respond. If the panel identifies a specific gap in your training, they could require you to complete further training in that area as a requirement for registration. If the gaps are numerous or significant, your application may be refused and you would need to complete further training before re-applying.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can CRPO confirm whether a non-recognized program will be accepted before submitting an application to CRPO?

No. Because non-recognized programs have not gone through the recognized process and provided all the relevant information, we are not able to pre-assess whether they will meet the registration requirements. You will need to fill out the application form, including the Mapping Tool, in order for the education to be assessed by staff. You may wish to research the offerings of the CRPO recognized programs to see if the non-recognized program appears comparable. You may also wish to compare CRPO’s registration requirements with the registration requirements of other Ontario regulatory college whose registrants can practise psychotherapy (those that regulate psychologistssocial workersnursesoccupational therapists and physicians) as you may be better suited to apply to another college.

I have completed my education outside of Canada. Can I apply to CRPO?

Yes. You can apply through the non-recognized program application type. Alternatively, you may wish to complete the CRPO accepted bridging program and apply through the CRPO recognized/accepted program application type.