As a new regulatory college, CRPO is not permitted to impose residency or citizenship requirements on individuals who apply to CRPO. Hence it is possible for an individual who resides in another province, or anywhere in the world, to become registered with CRPO.

Application & Registration Process

The application and registration processes for an individual who resides in another Canadian province is virtually identical to the registration process that an Ontario-based individual would follow. All registration requirements and fees are the same, whether a person resides in Ontario, in another Canadian jurisdiction or internationally. Once a registrant is registered, they must meet additional requirements before they can practise independently – these include completion of the registration exam and obtaining a set number of clinical supervision and direct client contact hours.

Professional Obligations

Whether a registrant resides in Ontario or in another jurisdiction, all must adhere to the same general professional obligations. These include, for example:

Guidance to Registrants Residing in Another Province

In addition to upholding the Code of Ethics and abiding by the Professional Practice Standards, registrants of CRPO must be in compliance with the Regulated Health Professions Act and the Psychotherapy Act, and any regulations made under those acts. There are a number of province-specific laws that guide the work of health care professionals; for example, health care consent laws, information privacy laws, vulnerable person protection laws, and so on. Registrants of CRPO who practise in another jurisdiction must be able to comply with the laws where they are located in addition to the requirements that apply as a registrant of CRPO.

Complaints Processes

If a complaint is made against a registrant who resides in another province, the registrant would be subject to CRPO’s complaints process.


Anyone with questions about regulation and/or professional practice may contact the Practice Advisory Service for information.