We have developed PD templates (fillable PDF form or Word version) to help registrants complete their Learning Plan and track their learning activities in their Learning Record.  These templates are for your records only and you do not need to submit these templates to CRPO unless requested by CRPO staff. However, registrants are not required to use these templates and may use another method to complete their Learning Record and Learning Plan, so long as this information, along with documentary evidence of participation, is saved in their own records and retained for at least 4 years.

If you would like to use the PD templates for your Learning Plan and Learning Record, you must first save a copy of these files to your own device. The red arrow in the image below indicates the button you can click in the PDF version of the document that will allow you to download and save a copy of the fillable document to your device.

As a registrant, you are given the opportunity to reflect on your knowledge, skills and judgement in the Self-Assessment tool (now available in your CRPO user account). There are two parts to the Self-Assessment: The General Professional Obligations Inventory and the Reflection.

The General Professional Obligations Inventory will help you assess your knowledge, skill and judgment in select competency areas related to professional regulation. It incorporates CRPO’s Professional Practice Standards for Registered Psychotherapists and addresses changes in practice environment and advances in technology.

The Reflection section consists of a series of exercises designed to help you contemplate the more interpersonal aspects of your practice, such as your professional relationships, support systems, and safe and effective use of self (SEUS).

*NEW*You can complete more than one self-assessment should you wish, and most importantly, please be sure to refer back to it as you plan your learning activities. This way, you can invest your efforts in professional development that will allow you to address any opportunities for growth related to your professional obligations.

Learning Plan:
Armed with the reflection on your practice, you can then develop goals for professional development in the Learning Plan.  You are encouraged to record thoughtful, concrete, measurable plans of action for each goal, and to reflect on your pursuit of those goals. Goals do not always stem from the Self-Assessment and may be related to other aspects of your role. The PD templates can be used to track your goals. 

Learning Record:
The PD templates have a space to record all the professional development learning activities you have engaged in throughout your reporting cycle. You are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities, to engage in different kinds or formats of learning, and ideally engage with material that gives you an opportunity to achieve the goals you outlined in the Learning Plan, too.