In the interest of transparency, this page contains some of the policies approved by Council and its various committees. CRPO adopts policies to promote consistent decision-making. At the same time, policies are flexible by nature and can evolve or vary in appropriate circumstances. This list of documents will change and grow over time as CRPO develops and posts additional policies.

Committee Appointments
Council and Committee Laptops
Council Observer Guidelines
Council Registrar Relationship (Executive Limitations Policy)
Council Leave of Absence
Credential Assessment
Credential Assessment – French Version
Examination Appeals Policy
Examination Extension Policy
French Services Policy
Language Proficiency Policy
Language Proficiency Policy – French Version
Politique relative aux services de langue française
Indigenous Pathway
Investment Policy
Non-Council Member Appointments Policy
Psychotherapy Student Designations
Quality Assurance Program Policies
Question Period Policy
PLAR Guidelines
PLAR Guidelines – French Version
Policy Review Cycle
Privacy Policy
Posting Non-College Conduct on the Public Register
Program Definition Policy
Program Recognition Policy
Program Recognition Policy – French Version
Pre-Registration Conduct Policy
Qualifying Expiration Policy and Process
Qualifying Expiration Policy and Process – French Version
Registration Committee Procedures Manual
Registration Committee Procedures Manual – French Version
Registrar CEO Succession Planning
Registration Exam Appeals Policy
Reimbursing CRPO Guests
Reimbursement for College Travel Expenses
Removal of Information from the Public Register
Removal of Information from the Public Register Application Form
Remuneration of Council and Committee Members
Reporting Information on Possible Criminal Acts
Reserve fund (Executive Limitations Policy)
Reserve Fund
Returning to Active Practice Policy
Sexual Contact with Former Clients Within Five Years Post-Termination of Care
Standard Review
Succession Planning
Suitability to Practise Policy
Website Privacy Statement
Withholding Names from the Public Register Policy
Withholding Names from the Public Register Policy – French Version
Zero Tolerance of Sexual Abuse by Members