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Quality Assurance Program: 2023 Fall CBA

By May 11, 2023News

On April 28, 2023, 1094 registrants were notified that they were selected to participate in a peer and practice review (PPR) as part of CRPO’s Quality Assurance Program.

The first stage of the PPR is to complete the case-based assessment (CBA). The CBA is designed to be an educational tool to help registrants identify potential gaps in their knowledge, skill, and judgment and make effective use of their professional development activity hours.

The 2023 Fall CBA will be available between Friday, October 27 and Sunday, November 5, 2023. The CBA will be open 24 hours a day during this 10-day window. Registrants will have 4 hours to complete the CBA, and they must complete the CBA in one sitting. The CBA is an online, open-book assessment that is not proctored (i.e., it is not supervised or monitored). Registrants are encouraged to access whatever materials they wish to use during the assessment.

Being selected to engage in a PPR is an ordinary part of being a regulated health professional. All health regulatory colleges are required to engage their registrants in some form of practice assessment. Current registrants will be randomly selected over the course of the next 5 years. Once selected, registrants will be required to participate in a PPR by completing the first stage (the CBA) on a regular and recurring basis, approximately every five years.

Tips and recommendations

  1. Remember to update the “Personal information” page of your CRPO account when there are changes to your email address.
  2. Use an email account that is checked frequently; not overly cluttered; and has security settings that you can control. Certain hospitals or organizations have firewalls in place that might block emails that have many recipients or are sent by an email service. This could result in missed emails from the College, and you might miss important information.
  3. Make a habit of checking “spam” and “junk” folders to ensure important communications from the College do not get filtered there.

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