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Registration exam dates now posted

By July 5, 2024News

July 5, 2024 

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and Compass Centre for Examination Development are pleased to announce the dates for the November 2024 administration of the CRPO Registration Examination. Registrants who are eligible to write the exam will receive direct communication in late-July.  

The exam will be delivered exclusively using an online platform with remote proctoring, in partnership with MonitorEDU. The remotely proctored examination will be available to eligible candidates on November 6, 7, and 8. Candidates are responsible for indicating their intention to write the examination with CRPO and registering for the examination using the MonitorEDU registration system. It is also the responsibility of candidates to meet the minimum standards for remotely proctored examinations as identified on the CRPO website. Registrants who are eligible to write the exam will receive direct communication in late-July with further instructions and timelines associated with indicating their intention to write the examination. 

Candidates are responsible for providing a safe, secure, and private area for testing. Candidates must meet the established minimum requirements for internet connectivity, technical hardware, and testing environment. Candidates’ hardware requirements and internet bandwidth must be pre-checked through MonitorEDU.  

Remote proctoring has unique safety and security requirements that include locking down the candidate’s computer browser to prevent access to any programs or sites other than the examination platform. The remote proctor is a live individual who monitors the candidate through livestreaming using the candidate’s computer webcam and a smartphone camera.  

Additional information related to frequently asked questions, Candidate Agreement, specific minimum requirements for technology and environmental conditions and exam prep resources is posted on the Registration Exam page 

Universal Design 

To support all persons in engaging fully in the Registration Examination process, the following priority steps have been undertaken for all test-takers: 

  • Additional test-taking time built-in to regular test-taking time allotment 
  • Customizable font size for examination print 
  • Short sentences with increased white space on screen 
  • No use of ‘flash’ or colour-dependent information 
  • No use of photographs, diagrams, or charts 
  • Available personal breaks 
  • Access to medication and/or glucose meter* 
  • Access to food and/or beverage* 

*Formal accommodation request is not required, but you must inform CRPO of your need for access to medication, glucose meter, food, and/or beverage by the deadline used to confirm your intent to write the exam.  

Exam Accommodations 

Registrants with accommodation needs will alert CRPO and submit complete accommodation documentation at the time they register for the exam in late-July. This will give the examination hosting authority sufficient time to evaluate the request for accommodations, seek resources and confirm arrangements. 

If you intend to write in the upcoming fall exam and require exam accommodations, you are strongly recommended to visit the Exam Accommodations page ( and to start gathering the necessary documentation for your request in time for late-July. Registrants requesting accommodations will need to submit a completed Exam Accommodation Form with appropriate documentation (for example, documentation from a  physician, psychologist, psychological associate or other regulated health professional who is familiar with your condition and has specific training, expertise and experience in the diagnosis of the condition(s) for which the accommodation is being requested, or documentation from your education institution if you received accessibility consideration/accommodation(s) for test writing while enrolled in a post-secondary education program). If you require assistance accessing the Exam Accommodations page, please contact   

Frequently Asked Questions 

For a full list of Registration Exam FAQS, please click here. Below are some exam eligibility FAQs related to the November 2024 exam.  

Who is eligible for the November 2024 exam sitting? 

To be eligible for the November 2024 exam, registrants must meet the following criteria: 

  1.  Final transcript/credential assessment was received directly from your institution/third-party credential assessment agency.
  2. Your CRPO registration date is July 12, 2024, or earlier. 

What is required to confirm exam eligibility?  

A final transcript/ credential assessment that confirms your degree/ diploma has been awarded/ conferred is required. If you completed your psychotherapy program outside of Canada, a final credential assessment is required. If you have not yet contacted your institution/credential assessment agency to send us your official final transcript/credential assessment verifying that you have successfully completed your psychotherapy program, please have the institution/credential assessment agency send it immediately. The final transcript must be sent directly from the institution to CRPO via email to: The final transcript/ credential assessment must be received no later than August 9, 2024 (deadline).  

I have completed all my program requirements, and I am awaiting my graduation. Can I still qualify for the exam? 

If you had applied to CRPO when you had substantially completed your program, documentation received from the institution confirming that all requirements to graduate have been met is required prior to signing up for the exam. 

CRPO will accept a final transcript, letter from the institution, or diploma from the institution. If you have not yet graduated, the documentation must confirm that all requirements have been met and indicate the expected date of graduation. The documentation must be sent directly from the institution to CRPO via email to: no later than August 9, 2024 (deadline).  

Registrants who are eligible to write the exam will receive direct communication in late-July. 

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