This is my first renewal. What do I need to do?
Registrants who are renewing for the first time would complete the renewal form as normal but are not eligible for Fast Track.

Can I still Fast Track if I need to make a minor edit to my renewal form?
No, but this is OK. It just means staff will review your form. We have already started reviewing forms that have been submitted prior to the renewal deadline.

Do I need to fill out the Health Professions Database Questions?
Yes. If this is your first renewal, you must unlock this page for editing and fill out the questions. If this is not your first renewal, you are still required to review the information you have previously submitted and unlock for editing if necessary.

What is the currency requirement for this renewal?
Registrants in the full RP category are required to report whether they have 750 currency hours between January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019. If you do not meet the requirement, you should provide information in the description box about how many hours you do have in this time frame, circumstances that impacted your currency, and how you plan to increase your currency hours going forward. Registrants in the Qualifying or Inactive categories are not required to provide information about their currency in the renewal form.

I’m taking a leave from practice or retiring, do I need to renew?
Yes, if you wish to maintain your registration with CRPO. We do have an Inactive category available for full RP registrants. Please note the deadline to be invoiced the Inactive renewal amount for 2020-21 was January 19, 2020 and required submission of the request form by this deadline. We mentioned this in the November 2019 and January 2020 communiqués and on the Renewal page of the website. You can still request to transfer to Inactive but you will have to pay the full RP amount for this year.

I think I have completed the form – why can’t I submit?
On the main page of the renewal form, above the “Submit Renewal” button, you will see a ‘Requirements to Submit’ checklist. All items must have a green checkmark in order for the “Submit Renewal” button to be activated. Any items marked with a red exclamation mark (!) must be completed before you can submit the form.

I submitted before the deadline, but my renewal form is still “Received”. Can I continue to practice?
It normally takes a regulatory body several months to review all renewals. Registrants who have completed both items required for renewal (i.e. payment of the registration fee and submission of the online renewal form) can continue to practise as usual while their renewal is being processed.

I do not intend on renewing. How do I notify CRPO?
To resign your registration with CRPO, please upload a completed Membership Resignation Form to the Documents tab of your user account. Once you have uploaded the document, send a message through the Messages tab to notify CRPO staff.

I plan to resign part way through the registration year. Can I pay a lower renewal fee?
CRPO does not pro-rate or reimburse fees if you resign part way through the year.

Have you received my renewal?
You will receive an automatic message once your complete renewal (i.e. payment and form) has been received.

Will CRPO let me know once my renewal is complete?
Yes. You will receive an automatic message once you have been successfully renewed.

Will I receive a new Certificate of Registration?
No, CRPO does not issue a new Certificate of Registration each year.

My employer wants proof of renewal. What can I give them?
Please refer them to the public register to verify your current standing. If necessary, you can request a Letter of Good Standing which requires payment of an admin fee.

Does the renewal form work on all browsers?
To avoid encountering technical difficulties related to your internet browser, CRPO recommends registrants use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What happens if I miss the renewal deadline?
CRPO must receive your registration fee payment and online renewal form. If either item is outstanding by the deadline, you will incur a late fee. Both the annual fee and late fee will need to be paid before your renewal can be processed. If the registration fee, late fee and/or renewal form are not received within 30 days, your registration may be suspended.