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RP (Qualifying) Registrants and the Registration Examination During Covid-19

By January 26, 2021February 10th, 2021News

January 26, 2021

A downloadable PDF version of the letter can be found here

This letter explains the implications of pandemic restrictions on RP (Qualifying) registrants waiting to write the registration examination. It contains information that may be of interest to employers, insurance companies and others who work with RP (Qualifying) registrants. In short, due to pandemic-related restrictions, a number of RP (Qualifying) registrants have been unable to write the registration exam. Because of this, they have been unable to transfer to the full RP category of registration. In response, CRPO has provided flexibility to RP (Qualifying) registrants, allowing them extra time to complete the registration exam while practising with the appropriate level of supervision depending on their level of experience.

Background regarding RP (Qualifying) registrants

RP (Qualifying) psychotherapists are registrants of CRPO. They have completed or are nearing completion of their psychotherapy training. They are legally authorized to perform the controlled act of psychotherapy and are required to practise with clinical supervision as they gain experience in the profession. In order to transfer to the full RP category of registration, RP (Qualifying) registrants are required to complete 450 direct client contact hours, 100 hours of clinical supervision, and to pass the registration exam. RP (Qualifying) registrants are subject to same standards and professional obligations that apply to those in the RP category, and both categories are subject to the same Quality Assurance mechanisms and accountability frameworks.

Pandemic restrictions and the registration examination

The registration exam tests entry-to-practice psychotherapy competencies. While it is written on a computer, it is currently administered only in person at testing centres with proctoring and security protocols. The exam is typically offered twice per year. Due to pandemic restrictions since March 2020, some exam sittings have been cancelled while others proceeded with reduced seating capacity. As a result, there is a backlog of candidates waiting to write the exam. Some of them have completed enough direct client contact and clinical supervision hours to transfer to the full RP category of registration as soon as they are able to pass the exam.

CRPO response to limited exam capacity

Passing the registration examination is a non-exemptible registration requirement. While RP (Qualifying) registrants are required to successfully complete the exam, CRPO has responded to pandemic restrictions and the need for mental health services in Ontario by providing flexibility around writing the exam. RP (Qualifying) registrants are being granted time extensions to the normal deadlines for writing the exam. RP (Qualifying) registrants with enough direct client contact and clinical supervision hours are being permitted to adjust the frequency with which they receive clinical supervision. CRPO has also requested the registration examination provider to pursue secure, remote (at-home) administration of the exam.


Please review our website for additional details about how CRPO is responding to pandemic restrictions as they impact the exam:

Please also review CRPO’s position statement on access to care:

Registrants, employers, insurance companies, supervisors and other concerned stakeholders can contact CRPO if they have specific questions or concerns about this issue. For questions about the registration process, contact For questions about professional practice and standards, contact

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