Beginning January 1, 2024, this version of the Standard is out-of-date. For the current version, visit the 2024 Standards document. This page will be updated to the current version in the coming months.


Appointment records support accountability in the therapeutic relationship. Records of appointments and attendance details (e.g. appointment, cancellation, no-show, etc.) should be maintained. Appointment records are to be maintained for five years.

The Standard: Record-keeping – Appointment Records

Members create an appointment and attendance record for each client.

Demonstrating the Standard

A member demonstrates compliance with the standard by, for example:

  • documenting the date, time, and duration of each professional encounter with the client, and (depending on practice setting) documenting cancelled or missed appointments. Duration of the appointment may be recorded in the clinical record, through a billing system or by other means;
  • maintaining appointment records for five years.

See also:

Professional Misconduct Regulation, provisions 25, 26, 27

Note: College publications containing practice standards, guidelines or directives should be considered by all members in the care of their clients and in the practice of the profession. College publications are developed in consultation with the profession and describe current professional expectations. It is important to note that these College publications may be used by the College or other bodies in determining whether appropriate standards of practice and professional responsibilities have been maintained.