Beginning January 1, 2024, this version of the Standard is out-of-date. For the current version, visit the 2024 Standards document. This page will be updated to the current version in the coming months.

Members are expected to conduct themselves professionally, not only in their clinical work, but also in their business relationships with clients and members of the public.

Clients expect their therapists to provide a suitable practice environment, and to conduct themselves in a professional manner. In operating a practice, members are required to comply with College standards governing advertising and representation of themselves and their services. Clients are entitled to receive accurate and verifiable information from members about their professional qualifications and experience, and members are expected to be transparent and reasonable in their fees and billing practices.

When discontinuing client services or when relocating, transferring or closing a practice, members must consider the best interests of their clients. In these circumstances, members are responsible for notifying clients of changes to their practice, and referring clients to other qualified practitioners.