You’ve received a message that you have not completed your renewal. So what’s the problem?

You’ll know you have completed your renewal when:

  1. Your invoice has been paid
  2. Your form (found on the renewal tab) is complete
  3. You have clicked “Submit” on your form
  4. And your status says “Received” or “Fast Tracked.”

How do you know your form is complete? When it looks like this at the bottom of the page:

If your form looks like this, all you have to do now is click the SUBMIT button. It’s at the bottom of the form:

After you hit Submit, your Status will change from Open to either “Received” or “Fast Tracked,” like this:

If you find the Submit button is greyed out and you can’t click on it, it means your renewal is not yet complete. A greyed out submit button looks like this:

To find out what is incomplete, refer to the checklist at the bottom of the page. For example, it could look like this:

It’s also possible that one of your requirements is missing and showing up in RED.

In this case, the Quality Assurance Section isn’t done. In the QA section, if you indicated “yes” to your practise changing, you must provide some details. See below.

If you’re still stumped, review the Renewal page or contact