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Message to Stakeholders from President on Changes to College Leadership

I am writing to advise you that regrettably, and after some considerable discussion over a period of time, Joyce Rowlands, Registrar, has made the difficult decision to resign from CRPO. In taking this matter to Executive Committee, and after lengthy and thoughtful deliberations, we have accepted this resignation effective May 6, 2016.

There may be some opportunity in the future for Joyce Rowlands to continue to support CRPO in the capacity of Advisor to the President.

In accordance with the by-laws, the Executive Committee has appointed Mark Pioro, Deputy Registrar, to serve as Acting Registrar.  As such, Mr. Pioro will be able to assume the statutory responsibilities of the Registrar.  Mark has agreed to take on these responsibilities and we believe that he is in a good position to lead the College at this time.

Again may I assure you that these decisions were made with the utmost consideration.

Joyce has left the College on very solid ground and we are most appreciative of her many contributions.

Many thanks,

Carol Cowan-Levine

December 11, 2015 Council Highlights

At its first meeting, the newly constituted Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario received an orientation to the role of Council Members and the College, approved the membership of its committees, and conducted elections for Executive Committee.

To view full Council Highlights, click here.

New Council Meets Dec 11th

Public Members Now Appointed

Now that we have confirmation of six new public Members of Council appointed by the Ontario Government, CRPO`s new Council is ready to roll up its sleeves and get down to business.

Professional Members of Council were elected in October by a vote of the membership. Now we have eight elected and six appointed Council Members, and one vacant seat that will require a by-election in coming months. To review Council Member biographies or brief candidate statements (the latter posted for election purposes), click here.  [Note: candidate statements will be replaced with biographies shortly.]

The first meeting of Council will include orientation sessions on CRPO’s past and future activities, and regulatory governance, as well as appointment of committees and committee chairs, and election of the Executive Committee. For more information about the election process for the Executive see CRPO’s By-laws, Schedule 1 (p. 49). An important aspect of this process is that Executive Committee must be composed of three elected Members of Council and two public (appointed) Members.

Updated May 12, 2016