Participation in Council Elections

CRPO’s Council and committees are made up of nine elected members of the College from regions across the province, and as many public members as are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council.

The election of Council members is an important part of regulation. Council members make decisions that affect how psychotherapists practise and are regulated in Ontario. Council members also serve on various committees.

By participating in the election of Council members, either as a candidate or through voting, every member of the College has an opportunity to influence the future of the practise and regulation of psychotherapists in Ontario.

If you have any questions about Council elections or becoming a Council member, please contact us at

Role of Council Members

The role of Council members (elected and appointed) is to protect and uphold the public interest through their Council and committee work. It is not to “represent” CRPO members, nor is it to represent the interests of any particular sector of the profession. The Council governs the profession in the public interest, striving to ensure that professional practice standards, including the professional conduct of members, are maintained and enhanced; and that members are supported in their continuing professional development.

Through their work on committee panels, Council members are also directly involved in reviewing complex and/or ‘irregular’ applications for registration, and dealing with complaints about members’ professional conduct and/or competence, among other concerns. Committee work is an essential part of every Council member’s role.

Time Commitment

Council members can expect to serve on several committees, some of which meet infrequently, others more often. Time commitments are variable; however, there are usually four full-day Council meetings per year. In addition, each Council member should expect to attend committee or panel meetings one to two full-days per month; preparation time is also required.  All meetings are held at CRPO’s office in Toronto.

Term of Office

Council members are normally elected to three-year terms, except in the case of the first elected Council.  Terms of office for the first elected Council will be staggered to ensure a measure of continuity. For this reason, Council members will hold office for the following terms:

  • members elected in District 2 (North), District 3 (East) and District 4 (Central East) will hold office until Fall 2017;
  • members elected in District 1 (West), District 5 (South West) and District 6 (Central West) will hold office until Fall 2018; and
  • members elected in Districts 7 (Central) and District 8 (All Ontario) hold office until Fall 2019.

Council Member Expenses and Remuneration

Elected Council members will be reimbursed for travel expenses, including hotel accommodation if required, and will receive per diem remuneration for attendance at Council and committee/panel meetings, as well as for preparation time. Preparation time is prorated in accordance with the duration of the meeting. For example, up to one day’s preparation time can be claimed for attendance at a one-day meeting, etc.

Per Diem and Honoraria Remuneration of Council and Committee Members